Teaching Futsal in Primary Schools

As a Primary Physical Education teacher in London, one of my major causes is to get futsal to all primary schools wherever I go. Over more than two years there have been some.

And if we think that primary schools here have children between the ages of 5 and 12 years, that is, from pre-school to year 6, then you can see the impact that this type of actions has on development of the sports in london city.

Futsal is itself an unstoppable force. And the sooner we realize that this can be an extreme ally in the quality of the English Football player sooner we realize how important it is to include the modality in the curriculum of physical education and in the different sporting and university programs developed in the United Kingdom.

Until that day comes, I will continue to do what I do best. Teach the discipline and all the modalities and sports that we can include in it. Futsal is one of them. I know that I run the risk of doing all the work in vain, but I will never run the risk of saying or feeling that I have never tried to do more and better.

Deal Town Rangers Youth Football Tournament

Deal Town Rangers Youth Football Tournament

After two hours driving from London to Deal Town Rangers, the U11’s where also ready to play some games. In the group stage, the boys where a little bit nervous and anxious and started losing the first two games.

Although we controlled the games with goals opportunities created by the boys the ball wasn’t just touching the net due to superb goal keepers performances on the other side. But that didn’t stop the Kings. By the third game they started bouncing back showing all their caracter and personality.

They finished 3rd on the group stage but made it all the way to the final with an outstanding team performance and the only thing that was missing on the final game was the goal. They were dominant and organized, attacking and defending and deserved to win this final, but that’s football.

In the end was as outstanding preparation for Gothia Cup 2017 because nothing is going to be easy on Gothia because all the teams want to put their hand on the trophy.

A big thank you to the Kings parents that support us all the way through the day under a 30º hot sun, keeping the boys fresh and hydrated. Without them this results wouldn’t be possible. Thank you all.

Game day at Regent’s Park


Regent’s Park League I 2017

U8 Rebels had a big today against Kentish Town and they lost 4-0 but coach Marlene Laundos as a few words for her boys.

” My boys keep impressing me every single game. They are getting more awareness on the game and how to play it, as a team, as a group, as a family. Our core values in Regent’s Park are quite simple. The intelligence, the optimistic warmth, work ethic, empathy, self-awareness, witch can only get stronger and tougher game after game.

Obviously i need to shout out a big thank you to all the parents, carers, that are walking along with their sons, making sure they are not alone, and especially showing how proud they are on their boys, no matter what. Every game it’s a new challenge, and we will keep on working hard, try our best, with all our hearts and minds until the end of the season.”